Here i am sharing my plan after we retire.

Sports Activity (Gym, Running)

When i was child i daily hit the gym twice in a day but now we have lots of excuses. So i have a plan to go gym daily morning and give new young generation free training. We have also go for a long walk for 3 days a week.

Blogging/Free training for poor student

I have also plan to write daily 2-3 hour for my current blog along with i want to start a small computer center for a poor student where we teach them free of cost.


We love adventure like mountain tracks, spending a night at camp, meet new people during the adventure. Share knowledge with each other.

Focus on health

My first priority is health and i always told everyone “Health is Wealth”. So after retirement, you have enough time to spend on Yoga, Gym and Running.

Running a marathon

Prepare yourself to run in half marathon.

Cooking Food for Poor People

You could plan to cook food at home and distribute with poor people.


There are lots of groups that need volunteers to help with their program activities. You could select that is important to you.

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