When you think about improving your finances, you get frustrated because there is lot’s of question coming in our mind.

Know how much your make

Always know how much money you make monthly basis and how much your expense, easy way to track this use Spendee App.

Plan your monthly budget

This i first step of managing finance. Create list of all type of expense like rent, food, travel etc and allocate budget for all of them. Maintain same process every month.

Clear you debt

We always suggest our reader your first priority is clear all your debt, start with credit card first then personal loan and other.

Buy health insurance

Health Insurance is very important now a day’s. I remember my childhood life when we go to doctor they there is less medicine and less test. But now a days when you consul doctor for normal fever they give us list of all test.

Make food at home

Making food at home is my favourite tips because its save my almost INR 4,000 per month after making food at my home. Just try one month it’s my guarantee you will see progress in your health and wealth as well.

Don’t compare with other

You always see your colleagues lifestyle and try to do same thing but do you know your and there liabilities, someone paying rent someone live with their family so there monthly expense is less. Always focus
on yourself and improve your quality life. be happy and be healthy.

Save for retirement

Start retirement saving from your first salary,  you don’t need to save too much for your retirement just try to save 10-15% only.

Save for emergency

Try to save first 3-6 month living expense for your emergency time like job losses or medical emergency.

Check Your Interest Rate

Which bank account are you using what’s the interest rate they give you n your saving account. Open high yield savings accounts.

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