Who we are?

We are a couple, from New Delhi, India. I have been working last 7 years. me and my wife are also relatively frugal. I have been working last 1 year to build my 7 sourses of income.

Why this blog?

Through this blog, we intend to share our journey of investments, cash flows, monthly expenses, passive income and our financial goals which is helping us move towards the goal of F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early).

Life after FI/RE

We want to enjoy the journey of early retirement coupled with pursuing our hobbies and passion.

Some people volunteer for nonprofit organisations, turn their hobby into a business venture or even start a new career in the field of their interest. It is always good to keep yourself occupied with some kind of work for your physical/mental well-being and staying motivated.

Our FIRE Target

My current expenses is 20k per month and yearly 3 lakh. After 8 year from now i will be shifted to my home town so 7.5k rent will exclude from my expenses also my travel cost 2.5k will be decrease to 1k max. As per my planing we required 1 crore.

We use 4% withdraw rule. After early retirement  i have also plan to work on my passion fulltime.