My FIRE Journey starts 1 year before my marriage. After marriage, it takes almost 3 months and now my wife to be totally on board with our finances. After that, we will speed up our FI date by simply targeting half of our expenses without giving up on lifestyle. I am not talking about money with my wife, I only discuss dreams.

Marriage and money is a team effort.

Always control your money if you don’t then money will control you. Always discuss the monthly budget with your wife.

We plan to earn more and decrease our expense.

My favorite line “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

What a lot of people don’t realize when they get married is that money issues aren’t just money issues. Yeah, we’ve all heard about the couple that just can’t agree on the budget and how money is the main reason for divorce.

No matter where your spouse may be on that scale, sometimes it can be very difficult to start coming into agreement on your financial situation and how to handle it. However, if you want to succeed financially as a couple and a family, it’s absolutely crucial that you and your spouse work together.

If your spouse is happy then your financial journey will be very easy.

Share all account details password with your spouse, don’t hide anything related to finance. Merge spouse and your income together and plan your budget according to your total income. Save a minimum of 20% and increase every 3month 1-2%.

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