Live on less than you make

If you don’t live on less than you earn, you will never get ahead. Try to know where your money is going and make your budgets. Always be honest about your earning. Track single rupees in your life and live frugal. Sometimes, you just need to ask yourself if your lifestyle matches your income.

Always use cash

My wife and I was always use debit card but last one year we only use cash for all our expenses. Only for room rent we use UPI. I feel it when we use cash no extra items in our bag.

Always save for a rainy day

Now a days we always read some news related to job loses so prepare your self to survive at-least 6 month after job lost.

Start saving while you are young

I did same mistakes that’s why i always suggest all my younger to start saving when they start their career.

Do not increase your spending when you get a raise

I know lots of my friends who did same mistakes when their salary increase they buy new car or added new EMI in their life.

Don’t work for money; let money work for you

Always try to create passive income stream. Start with small like INR 100 or INR 200.

Save every INR 100 bill

Try o save small amount first. When we discuss about saving its means you have to same small bill first like mobile, electric etc.

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